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My interest for mehndi/henna started a long time ago, when I was around 8 years old. I remember watching my older cousin and trying to replicate what she was doing. I started off by simply practicing on paper, with pens and mehndi, and then gradually on people. It became a background hobby and my mehndi became more popular within my family and friend’s groups; I was being called to many family functions to apply it. Not only did this help me improve my art, but also built my confidence. I am now, at the age of 24, regularly booked for events and have a lovely fan base.

More recently, I have decided to branch out with this talent of mine. I started experimenting with paints, gems, candles, charger plates, cakes and icing, and really anything I could get my designs on to create unique home décor, wedding favours, personalised gifts and more. I honestly never thought that they would look so beautiful.

Bhavi’s Mehndi is a work in progress, which has involved a lot of late nights, hard work, and has turned a part of my house in to an art studio. I am extremely excited for the new opportunities and challenges that are heading my way, as people are always surprising me with different items they would like to have designed, and I am always thinking of what else people would love to have decorated.


Bhavi Shah

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