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Mehndi Classes

Mehndi Masterclass:

You will learn the basics of mehndi fillings, shapes and bands, and then move on to using a mehndi cone. You will then get the apply what you have learnt and decorate biscuits with icing. No experience required. Day activity perfect for anyone with an interest, friends, mums and daughters, bakers and more!

To sign up for the next Masterclass dates you can sign up here: http://bit.ly/theonethingyouneedtoknow

Flexitime Classes available - if there is a group of you already - you choose the date and location!

1-1 Basic to Bridal Classes:

These dates are booked according to what suits both the student and myself. 10 hours  (broken down) with Mehndi kit including an acrylic hand, mehndi powder, mehndi oil, a sketch book and pencil.

Please get in touch to inquire about my next dates or any interest in the classes.